I happened two years ago.When I thought I saw an old lady in our house. First I tought I'm dreaming but I wasn't . The day after tomorrow i told my mother and father . They asked me to draw a pic of her face. Then my mother said it was her grandmother witch died before my birthday. Then I had this dream that I'm in a forest and someone is singing on a grave that my name was on it and it said that my death was in August 27th 2020. Ihad this dream for about 6 months and never told anyone. Then again I dreamed myself in that forest but there was someone. A young and beautiful lady in wedding ring with flowers in her hand.Crying and shouting my name. After that day I never dreamed about it again but I see her in our house. Se watches me when I sleep. When I shower and when I study.She is everywhere. I tried to once grab her and just hug her to see of she is real or not. But she runs every time when I get closer to her. Im only 16 years old and scared because I dont know if Im still dreaming or not. No body could help me. I only saw her 6 times in our house and in our religion (islam) the angel of death shows itself 7 times before you die and the 7th time is your death time.If you're a good person will appear beautiful and will make you happy and calm. But she is beautiful and scary at the same time. I dont know what to do. This is completely real every part of it

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