So i guess this is it been a while and now i am taking a break go figure well it aint because of my two stories i am stuck on it is just i cant think straight with these two stories i am thinking i might have to give up on the wendigo series so yeah if you listen to my podcast then you will know i am not myself so i am going to be on my podcast still just not reading horror i am just going to break away cause if i dont i am going to give up on my wendigo series so if you like the first part then you might like the second part if it comes out so yeah you can still leave me ideas on for wendigo part 2 and the big fight with Flame and Psycho Assassin but yeah you can listen to my podcast lonewolves on anchor, apple podcast and more also my twitch is lonewolfadventureyt i hope you will give me ideas while i am on this break keep in mind it will be a short break but give me ideas and stuff Sincerly your friend, lonewolf ?

Story is told by lonewolf


I hope you can tune to my twitch and listen to my podcast in the meantime so yeah sorry give me ideas stuff like that sorry for asking this a lot but it just will never happen if i dont cause i just go nah i will some other story and never get back to these two so sorry for asking Sincerely, lonewolf