I hoped u liked the other story I thought I do another one just because. So here is Pt 2 ? I have another mission as a Gemini... To kill the richest person in town. Leah McGrather is a snob and everyone hates her. So I'm happy about my mission. Leah walks into the woods were the girl one the news had died. She was so popular she thought no one could hurt her. But little did she know she was the Gemini's second target. I followed her for hours a pon hours. I found out her strengths ( being rich) and weaknesses ( alot of things). I struck at midnight. It was so dark she didn't see me coming... I took my knife and slit neck in the woods. I was ready to show my boss but instead I took a pic and put the body in the river. Write in the comments section below if there should be a part 3 ???

Story is told by Scary girl??

Cloud The Skywing

Part 3