One day I was sitting on my bed when my dad came and said :"Honey it's time to talk." I looked up and saw a clown with red eyes and a blue suit .He had razor sharp teeth with a jawline that wrote "your mine".I was so scared I tried to run. I realised I couldn't because I just broke my foot and couldn't walk . I took a lamp and smashed it against his head. He just started dancing and clapping He said "Join in ". I refused and tried to call my parents for help. They didnt respond . I panicked and closed my eyes . When I opened my eyes I realised it was just a dream.gej2ijehdvdvburayeahrzjfzursjrzjfzursitxjtdutdjtxjtxjg Khan khcitsurzfu jg. This was the clowns language I hope you enjoyed this story

Story is told by Arielle Coetzer