So this aint a story more like a plead but i just wanted to say i need your help i have been feeling down just sad not my self because i cant get my wendigo part 2 out so if you will do me a favor could you plz comment what should happen next and also the big fight with flame and Psycho that i want you to tell me should win and how it should go down i will shout you out in the two stories it will mean the world to me and plus it will make me happy that some one likes my stories any way i guess i should just tell you about myself well i guess why i do horror stories well i am stress out a lot so it helps me my elementary school teachers and staff bully me so i just write stories because it makes me happy um now lets talk about my creepypasta characters Flame is what i expect my brother who is dead would act like he would probably pick on me but he would be there for me and if it ment leaving me to keep me safe i think my brother would do it some day i will see my brother Jordan again but Psycho is just the things i have done that i hate but it keeps attacking me with voices my conscience (however you spell it) will argue with me or just try to make me sad but i have that already do that so i guess i am what you would call an emo but i am more like an outcast so that is a little about me so thank you for reading my stories plz help me with those to and i hope we could be friends cause my friends make fun of me and i dont like that so i hope we could be friends and i hope i didn't make any one think differently of me but here is my twitch: lonewolfadventureyt And here is my podcast: lone wolves you will know it is mine when you see skinwalker or one of my joke titles i guess like for inferno it is called hank is on fire any way plz just help me out with these two stories Sincerely your friend, Lonewolf ?

Story is told by lonewolf


Maybe you can read other story that has a high vote.I think you'll get Inspired then.Well..or..the part 2 is like this:You see a ghost or something strange and its almost attacks you.You wake up and saing its only a dream.But then you found a blood and someone head beside you.Im sorry if this is..yeah..not that interesting.Anyway,love you friend~♡


All i am asking is plz help me cause i cant give up on these stories so if you have any ideas i will chose the ones i like oh and just know if i dont chose yours i am just saving it for a special story and thank you for every one who like my stories Sincerely, lonewolf ?