I finished my glass of milk and heading upstairs, I figured I could have a midnight snack. Since she let me last time. I heard noises in my parents room and thought they were reading or something, I saw a shadow of the corner of my eye and brushed it off as mind tricks. I climbed into bed and pulled on the covers. I woke up the next morning early since it was pancake day, I went downstairs and watched TV And wait for mom and dad, but the TV was static I switched it off without any feeling of paranormal activity, my parents came downstairs and their faces was like mush, eye bags forming, cracked lips, walking like zombies. I didn't care AMD said "I'm ready for my pancakes". They just said "uh-huh" and walked to the kitchen. I thought they were tired since they were probably reading all night I sat on the dining table and looked at my pancakes, they were mushed together with peices. But I didn't complian and just ate it. The rest of the day was normal except for my parents having energy drainage until tonight. I was getting all snuggled up in my sheets then I heard creaking on our wooden stairs. I slowly got up and walked to the foot of the stairs, I saw both my parents with big smiles on their faces and looking directly at me. Suddenly a figure appeared behind them with strings attached to my parents heads. I was in shock, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, no wonder they've been acting odd all day. I heard strings and then it all went black. I woke up with kids in front of us cheering. I was curious, I looked around me and saw the living room, the kitchen, the stairs leading into our rooms. Then I realised I was in a puppet show.

Story is told by DukeTheKid


At the beginning by her I meant his mom