My parents love to fight. A lot. They sometimes get violent. Sometimes my mom has to call the cops to make dad leave. She's a drama queen. When my father fights with her, he eventually quits or gives up. My parents punish me for no reason. Once, they punished me for going to a sleepover at my friend Meg's house. They said I never told them. I did. I left a note, I told my mom, I even texted them. They do it because they hate me. So, why am I taking up space in the world when i could just die? I thought about it over and over. I decided i should just die. One night my parents where fighting anain. Really? They where arguing about insurance, and then they started talking about divorce. For the millionth time in my life. They where so loud they sounded like they where in the same room with me. But they where next door. They were slightly muffled by the wall. I hoped Mom wouldn't call the cops again. I hate it when that happens. They started talking about who would have to pay child support. I REALLY wanted it to STOP. So, I sneaked out of the house. I called my friend Meg to tell her I was not coming to school the next day. I couldn't tell her why. I just said I had a doctor appointment. Big lie. I walked into the bridge . I looked down at the Rapids below. The river was moving fast. I listened to the relaxing sound of the Rapids below as I thought about my life. My first time smoking pot. My first time catching a fish. I caught three bass that day. I thought about my stupid stupid live. I looked down into the river. I leaned on the bridge railing. I leaned farther. Then I jumped. I felt the cold watershed into my clothing. I felt the shock of the water l. I didn't bother saving myself. Instead I feel myself go under. I don't come back up. My lungs feel tight. Then I feel pain in my chest. Then I see pretty stars. So beautiful. They fade in and out of my vision. I feel numb. I see the stars again. Then everything turns to black.

Story is told by catgirl


That's harsh


-clap clap'

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Hey my life is worse


You shouldn't hate your life! I probably don't know you but you seem very nice and you should be grateful that your in this world