I sit on the edge of a cliff. The head of my best friend beside me. Im still holding the knife. Her eyes are wide open and watching me. I'm covered in her blood. I talk to her she just listens to me. She'll never leave me now. I smile. See when I was a little girl I made a new friend she was my neighbor. We were so close we did everything together. It was just us... But she wanted other friends as well. She wanted to play with that other girl. I don't know why I'm here why did she want her for. I don't like to share. So I didn't. I followed the other girl home. We played a game. Who could go the longest without blinking. She won she never blinked not even once for hours. She just stared at me with those big brown eyes. I liked her hair. So I took it. I made in into a wig for my best friend. She loved it. But she missed her other friend. She never worried us again. Years passed we grew closer. But then when we were in high school. A boy asked her out she said yes. She started spending more time with him. Why why would she do that after everything I've done for her. One day we were at my house we were in my basement. She was sitting in the chair and I was standing in front of her. She was crying I asked her why. Why does she want to replace me. Wasn't I enough. I've done so much for her. Remember that guy that used to watch you walk home after school, I took his eyes. Remember that girl with the pretty hair that tried to steal you from me I made her hair into a wig for you. You loved it you still have it she never worried us again. Remember when your father hit you he never laid a hand on you again did he that's because I took his hands. I took all of this from them for you. They never even complain. I washed off the blood and they looked brand new. I did this all for you. But you always try to leave me no no more you're never leaving me again. She just cried even more. I fell to my knees no please don't cry. I slowly smile. And then I raised my knife.

Story is told by IceQueen


You should make a part 2 and 3


That... WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

death_at my look

so scary u should make more u got more peeps reading urs then mine u should be famous


Oh my gods thank you so much?

Queen Quacker

Beautifully terrifying!


THAT WAS SO GOOD! Wow! 10/10 ??