Hello everybody! I have seen some people have made clubs in the past. I got really inspired by this, so I am making a new club for all the players that still play! Here is a list of people I have invited Indigo Flower ♡French♡ (Sorry if name spelt wrong) Other players may join by leaving their users in the comments stating that they want to join. Club meetings are at 5:00 P.M in Eastern Time Zone. So, here is what we will do in the club and the rules. Rules I will pick the person that goes first in our first club meeting. Whoever goes second in the first meeting goes first in the second meeting, and so on. No swearing is allowed in the club. You can tell stories from creepypasta to Urban legends, and your true stories! We share scary stories. So, I'll post our club meeting. I hope everybody comes that way, we can make the most out of our club meeting! Bye, my Clouds! :p Signing off, Cloud the Skywing.

Story is told by Cloud The Skywing

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Can I join


Can i join...

Black Cat

lol hey.these never worked im afraid but good luck,try to get the chat back ??

Cloud The Skywing



Cloud The Skywing, Thank you so much. ?

Cloud The Skywing

Kay. Indigo Flower, French, and Inti.


I want to join.


Hi friend~ wow looks good.Anyway..saranghae~♡