Ever since I was young I have been abused by my parents. It started from my mother who was a paranoid schizophrenic. She always considered me the one who was broken and often beat me or yelled at me. She even went as far as to take me and my sisters from our home. I only have information of this from my older sister. Now in recent years me and my sisters where abused by our father. He used to be a good parent. But now he's a ****ing monster of what he used to be. He looks like a centipede with a face. Just this black thing that wants nothing other than to harm and make things suffer just for his own pleasure. He often hurt my older sister. All he did was yell at me or grab me harshly. He new I was broken. I was born broken after all. Of ****ing course this asshole wanted nothing but to hurt us. He pinned his ex's kid to a wall by his neck. I can't see a glob damn photo of me and my sisters with that monster in it. I'm scared of loud noises now from all the yelling. I've gone mad enough to make my own wonderland. But my apologies for the shit load of rambling, but it should help in an explanation of the nightmare. I was talking with my friends at school. It felt like the real world. As if it was an alternate dimension. Then while at my locker I for some reason grabbed a knife. A hunter knife stolen from my father to be specific. Then I started killing everyone. First teachers then staff. Then from the ones I hated and random ass students. Then after bodies littered the halls I moved on to my friends. They are like family to me. But I still couldn't wake up from it. Then I stabbed them one by one. I could feel their bones crack from the pressure of the knife. They died slowly. Then it was a week later. The trial stated I was to be hung in the center of this ****ing crack town I live in. Everyone in town was there. All black silhouettes with gangly arms and claws. Faces scribbled out with nothing but white shit eating grins. And before I could look more a bag was placed around my head. Then next came the ****ing noose. That's when I woke up. I screamed in my waking and cried for at least 30 minutes. I don't know why I had this awful dream. Or why it felt so real. But it was pretty ****ing scary. Hopefully this shit turned out well, sorry for contaminating this place with my garbage writing.

Story is told by VoodooJay


I hope you and your sisters/ brother is okay and are living a better life. Take care of yourself. Just please don't curse.


I give you one vote.Even tought its only undo it..


This kinda scary friend..but I hope you are healthy and great.I hope nothing happens to you..take care~♡

Cloud The Skywing

Please don't swear.