I put on a suit and tie, because I want people to really notice me. I put on my shoes and made my way to the tower, I climbed up the the stairs to the roof, I see my family at the roof, like I told them too, my father was holding a gun. "Please don't do this" my mother told me, "its for the best" my dad told me. My little brother was standing there horrified of the height, he clung close to mother. I look down and realised how far down in gonna fall, but I didn't worry. A thought about how this is the last time im gonna see my family, my friends, and the last time im gonna eat McDonalds. I gave my dad the thumbs up but he hesitated. I asked him what's wrong but he didn't respond, I told him the plan 2 hours ago. He says "nothing im fine". I give him another thumbs up and he shot me and my mother, reluctantly pushed me off the edge. It felt good with the air on your face. I took my last breath as my face slammed into the concrete.

Story is told by DukeTheKid


Its so sad.. :( anyway..saranghae~♡