It was july, 20th, 2012. I was at school with all my friends. It was not a normal school day. We were going to summer camp. I was packing up with my friends jax, nina, mia, and steve. They were my tent buddies. The next morning we got ready while the bust parked. As soon as it arrived, we were exited to be first on the bus. When we got to camp, I put up the tents and jack helped keep in stable to the ground. Then everyone helped make a fire for camp. After that the bus started honking but we saw he was just testing his horn since it sometimes breaks. The next morning we woke up to making smores. Me, mia, and nina unrapped 3 huge family size hersey and marshmellow bags then the geam it got dark, the teacher said she is going hunting. So we said bye and she walked into the black mist. At midnight me and my friends woke up hearing beeping so me and mia went looking for the bus but then mia stared at a tree with the teacher and bus driver hanging. I cover her eyes and say dont look. Then she said she couldnt stop thinking if her worst fear and so as me. The next night half the class has been tortured and hanged and I could'nt stop thinking of the choking noises so that morning I got my hunting axe that the teacher dropped and went up to the tree also noticing jack, mia, and nina hanging as I slice the tree. It tried to protect itself by stabbing me in the most usless spot. As I slice the tree the bodys turn to red dust anf fly into the sky and the tree fell and I noticed a tiny tree was growing and seem to be the same tree so I called the police and when they saw it they closed the camp. As we got on the emergency bus I saw missing posters of the hanged children. When I went home I told my parents and they canceled every camping trip I went to. Hope you all enjoyed my short horror story (:

Story is told by A horror story maker


This story is great!♡ keep going!!♡

A horror story maker

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