New Orleans pd case file: Name:Psycho Assassin Real name: Jacob (last name unknown) Age: 19 Gender: male Height: 5'9-6'0 feet Weight: approximately 150-200lb Eye color: dark brown almost black Hair color: blackish purple Skin color: tan Language: English & some spanish Appearance: blood red jacket shirts and pants vary cobalt blue bandana some times a black wolf with red eyes maybe turns into his zalgoid (not sure what that means)/demon form also he is know to appear to be bleeding and sometimes have bruises and cuts so he might get into fights Weapons: vary but uses a samurai sword a huge hunting knife (most likely use to gut animals or people) and a golden 50cal desert eagle ILLNESSES: unknown Mental illnesses: ptsd, ocd,possible schizophrenia, possibly ADHD, anxiety, and paranoia Origin:(found on a tape recorder) So i was 9 years old when this happened we lived in a small town in utah my brother flame was in 9th grade and help out around the house because mom was dying from a illness called bubonic plague so there was doctors that would check up on us at our house while mom was puking her guts out in the intensive care unit and our sister she was kind and trying her best to keep the house cleaned and us healthy so flame would help out One day i was walking to school i hated that school i bumped into some one i recognized somehow. He said "whoa careful now you are lucky i am in a good mood or would be on the ground with your arm broken now run to school before i gut you" so i did cause he was holding a huge hunting knife and the truck he was leaning up against had was a butcher shop truck i got to school the adults would bully me and my friends couldn't do anything because they would get in school suspension are all elementary school teachers mean Any way i got suspended for yelling at a teacher for being mean to one of my friends they called my sister when she got to my school she had a black eye not sure from what i didn't care right now we were silent the till we made it to the house She just ask why i didn't answer i just walked inside where two police officers were talking to flame i asked what happened and one of the officers took me to my room slammed my door shut and locked it i heard yelling screaming then the door just opened even tho it was locked and no one was on the other side so i walked down the stairs to see flame in a puddle of his own blood i guess the cops beat him My sister was gone and so was the cops so i walk over to the cabinet that had the first aid kit in it i walked back over to where flame was laying at but he was not there i looked every where for flame and he was never found so i put the first aid kit back and go to sleep a day later i see flame reading a book and he was bandaged up so i asked what happened where he went he just said " hey everything is all right but mom is dead and our sister is dead too but everything is fine" the door bell rang before i could say anything the man i say before walked in flame just said hi dad and i ask "who are you" the man just said "now that aint very nice now give your dad a hug before i beat you to a pulp" i back away he gets mad so he starts a fire then throwing me into a closet and locking it i some how break out i grab my jacket and my mothers gun i also grab a bandana i try to run out of the house but Flame punches me in the face and he said" i have seen the wrath of zalgo yet" i pass out i wake up in Pennsylvania i walk till i get to a train station the knife i saw in zalgo's hand is in my hand now i freak out so i hide it along with my gun i get on the train after buying a ticket with the little money i had i make to New Orleans in three days i found an abandoned building my hands were black from what i thought was dust but it would not come off and my finger nails where claws now i was freaking out so i went to sleep i started to hear footsteps and the the words go to sleep i woke up and took the knife of the person then i grabbed my gun point it at the stranger the stranger said"whoa nice one kid i am jeff the killer but you can call me Jeff the reason i aint killed you yet is because you have a paper with a drawing of zalgo i know where you could find him follow me also what is your name" without thinking i said " i am Psycho Assassin but you can call me Jacob" i am now 19 and still looking for zalgo and if you get in my way i will gut you for your luck has ran out. (Tape ends) File ends

Story is told by lonewolf


Don't worry friend,just believe in yourself.Ask yourself what you should do or anything.Because you're not alone.♡Anyway,I hope you are health!♥


The school is based off my elementary school the teacher are rude also i am stuck on how the fight should go down so plz help me out by going to inferno read it if you haven't then comment who should win and how it should go down plz and thank you this will mean the world to me Sincerely, lonewolf