I used to have a nice family!but only one member is not nice...our mother...She always scream at me.im always nice to her,giving everything to her,but only one nice word to me,nothing...then one day i give up...i screamed at her badly to make her cry. ???:I GIVE UP MOM!!!I ALWAYS TRY MY BEST TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING BUT NOTHING YOU GAVE ME!!!BUT HEADACHE!!!IM NICE TO YOU EVERYTIME AND YOU ALWAYS SCREAM AT ME!!!AM I A MICROPHONE TO YOU?!?!?!I WANT YOU TO CHANGE BUT NOTHING CHANGE TO YOU MOM!!!I HAD ENOUGH!!! i did make her cry,she's super super mean to me but to my brother and dad,she's nice to them but to me,shes not nice to me...... One day,a poor woman cross to our house and knock to our door,she asked mom did she have food for her baby,my mom screamed at the woman and laugh at her.the woman is angry so she cast a curse on one of our family. When i go to sleep,i have an horrible nightmare,i did have a car accident and i died.luckly i woke up so easily! But...when i went to bed again...i dream about my dream yesterday again...i woke up again "Is this the real world or a dream?"i asked myself.hmm even my reflection talk to me....this is a nightmare Me:is this the real world or a dream? My reflection:this is a a haunted dream world,you are cursed! Me:Wtf?my reflection is talking to me? My reflection:like i said,this is a dream,so i can talk to you Me:am i going crazy or somethin? My reflection:hello?hello?anybody home?this is just a dream so in the real world,you cant talk to me dumb. Me:Hahaha wake up girl,wake up...How can i get out of this curse reflect? My reflection:sorry but i dont know,i only know is your curse is.......your curse is umm...... Me:What?tell me! My reflection:dont freak out ok? Me:ok My reflection:your curse is.......your curse is an endless.......dream Me:WHAT THE ****?! My reflection:sorry but you cant get out of this dream.but you can get out of this! Me:WHAT IS IT?! My reflection:you will get out of this dream if your dead Me:...what?... My reflection:did you hear me?i said you can get out of this dream if your dead.have a nice day my real life. Me:hey!can we be friends? My reflection:your already friends with me Me:uhhhh? My reflection:your me right so you are my friend I freaked out when i found out i have a curse that i will never wake up...... (6 years later)(sorry guys im super lazy right now) Im dead now,im not in heaven because i got bad things in the real world.im in hell...thats all you all wanted to know................ T.H.E. F.R.I.C.K.I.N.G E.N.D Hehe bye

Story is told by Cassandra


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