Ok this is kind of sad before we start let me hit you with a back round story so my grampa passed away in 2019 so he basically didn't get to meet my little sis it's sad I know so after about a week that happened my grandma did not feel comfortable with sleeping by herself and being alone of course she had my aunt in the back room but it wasn't the same so she decided to move luckily are neighbors where moving to Spain to start a church over there to help spread the word of God and my family was sad of course but it meant my grandma and aunt could come live with us and it's been so awesome ok back to the story before she left the house we decided to remodel it ok it was just a fresh coat of paint but the people living there could appreciate the offer anyways one day I decided to go ahead and help with the painting and there was one room we kept the same the guest room my grampa would sometimes go lay in there when there was no guest staying and that was where we where puting all of are tools at one point we finished painting but we had to make tuch ups the next day so I started to put the stuff up in the guest room where I would remember when my grampa would open the blinds and I would ask him if he wanted me to close them and he said no so before we left we packed up the yard sale and branches my uncle had been cutting from the big tree in my grandma's yard and then they told me to go close the blinds in the guest room so I went I closed the blinds before I could get to the door they opened again so I closed them and ran out of there and I never go to guest rooms again

Story is told by Yatciry p


Good story friend~♡