Bloody Mary is NOT a fictional character, let me tell you her REAL story. Once lived a teenaged girl, Her name was Mary She died of a severe deasese. But another thing you should know is, her docter was her dad. When they buried her body, They tied a thin rope to Mary's wrist. That led up to the surface, It was tied to a bell. That was tied to a metal stake, That way if Mary was really alive, or if she had fallen into deep sleep or a coma and had waken up. The bell would ring, (doing this is called "dead ringer" watching to see if the bell rang is called "grave yard shift") now, Mary's mother was so heart breaken that she refused to go inside. And that she would watch if the bell rung. Since her husband was a docter, he happened to have a deep sleep fast acting shots. She fell asleep imideatly, And the docter carried her inside. Right as they closed the door, the bell started to ring VERY viliontly. The next morning the man that helped bury Mary saw that the stake and bell had fallen over, Later that morning. Mary's mom came out side seeing that the man was digging, She was about to ask why, but the she say the bell. She rushed to the man and said, oh, my we have to get to her QIUCK. At some point Mary's dad came out and started digging, by the time they opened the coffin Mary was even more dead! She had sweat and blood at the top off her head, scars and cuts all over her body. Her gown she was buried in was covered in blood stains. On the sides off the coffin were bloody scratch marks, At the top of the cofinning lid were her WHOLE FINGERNAILS!!! Stuck in the wood!! They noticed her hands were covered in pure blood, And her finger nails were gone. She had a look of horror frozen on her face, After that her parents felt unliftable grief for the rest of there lives. Now, many of you had heard of how to summon Mary. Oraiganal way to summon Bloody Mary: Step 1 go into the bathroom Step 2 spin around 3 times at the end of each spin way you are facing the mirror say bloody Mary's name slowly Step 3 wait a 23-46 seconds for Mary to apier If you see her in the mirror, she will scare you so bad you will go into a coma. And have 4 days to live, if you live Mary thought you were werthy to live, and you will wake out of the coma on day 4. If she trying to grab your shoulders, she will fisicaly hurt or kill you. If her hand reaches out of the mirror, you are safe. Way 2 to summon Bloody Mary: light a candle Go in to the bathroom Turn off the light Say her name 3 times slow to the mirror stay there a few minutes She will then kill you on the spot. There are many more versions of this story, but this is the only one that is actually true. Hope you enjoy!!

Story is told by U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)


And bloody


I thought she was murdered in the bathroom in front of the mirror on the spot.but I think your right.loved it!so creepy.


I thought this backstory of bloody mary seemed like a perfect bavjstory. Is it true?



U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)



Umm good story tought♡

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Sorry, thats ficsion. I'm looking for REAL exprolasions

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You should read the actual story about this made by Hannah Koon.

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Hello? Comment here, isn't my story great!?!?

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Hey, I been doing some research, this really IS the only true story of bloody Mary. Or that has been proven.