Ok I was walking back home from my friends house when I saw a woman with a box. I walked pass the woman when she fell and started to crawl to me with candy in her hand. I asked her if she was ok and she said take my candy. I said no and walked away. When I got home I heard something in my room. I went upstairs and saw the candy on my bed and a note next to it said eat the candy. I ate the candy and in the morning I felt really sick. Then the news came on it said a woman has died from a candy that she has ate. As I looked close she was the woman that gave me the candy. As I thought how she was dead I started to feel burning in my stomach. As I called 911 I heard the noise comeing from my room again. I went upstairs and saw the woman and she said never take candy from a dead woman.

Story is told by xXzlittledevilXx


Thank you if you guys want I want you to put a title if you want me to make a story on it


Good story friend! I hope you are doing well~♡


Hey you know what never take candy from a dead woman UwU