There is this spirit. His name is Charlie. He is a nice spirit. He is friendly. SUPLISE; 1; blank sheet of paper. 2; two pencils 3; BE BY YOURSELF NO ONE ELSE. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO; 1; take one of the pencils and draw four boxes. One line down the paper and one across the line that runs from top to bottom. It will make four boxes. 2; write yes in one box and write No in the one beside it. Repeat to the bottom two boxes. 3; put the two pencils on the lines you have made. It should form a cross. 4; ask the question "Charlie Charlie, are you here?" The pencil on top of the other pencil should point to yes or no. If it says yes. He is there with you. Don't ask questions that need answers that need more than yea or no. EXAMPLES; Charlie Charle do you like me? Charlie Charlie do you have siblings? Charlie Charlie do you have friends? Don't ask if you can or will die. Always start the questions with Charlie Charlie. He will answer your questions. In order to leave say, " Charlie Charlie, goodbye". Or " Goodbye Charlie". To break the curse, break the two pencils. RIP up the paper or burn it. Leave the room. Good luck summoning Charlie.

Story is told by catgirl


It is real demongirl


Is it even a he? Cause its name sounds like a she!


S*hit is this real?