I just killed someone. Yeah, I just killed someone. He was my eighth victim. I just killed his family. Seven kids and wife. Haha I broke out of the mental asylum. I went to the nearest house. I went inside, the door was unlocked so I didn't "break in" did I? I think not. They where all asleep so it was easy. I killed the kids first. I baried them in the back yard. It took a while for the cops to come. But by that time, I had all eight of them dead. I didn't have time to hide the husband's body or clean up the wonderful mess I'd made. So much blood. To most people it would be a horrifying sight. Disgusting sight. But to me, it was wonderful, beautiful, so amazing. I never knew it could be so easy to make a masterpiece. I made eight masterpieces in one night. So easy. . . EIRLIER; An unknown stranger walked into the Parkers' home. They had forgotten to lock the door before they went to bed. So it made it easy to get in. Easy for a twisted killer. He climbed the stairs. Knife in hand. He had thought of bringing a gun, but it would be too loud. Even if he silenced it. He couldn't take that risk. Oh no. Not tonight. Not after his great escape from the asylum. When he reached the top of the stairs, he started killing. And killing. Screams filled the air. He slit a girl's throat. He stabbed a boy in the back. Watched him bleed. And bleed. Until he died. He killed the rest of the family. Raped the wife and eldest daughter ( gross but he loved it.) He killed the husband just in time. Police sirens where in the distance. Coming closer. He grabbed the husband's body and left. NOW; I'm in a park. By the woods. I have a shovel. I'm baurying the husband's body. I'm digging the blade of my shovel into the moist earth. Scrape, scrape, scrape. The wooden handle scrapes against my hand. I dig up more dirt. I smirk as I look at the body. Too bad I had to baury it. After I shovel earth over the body. I leave. I head to the street, steal a BMW and leave. I speed away after covering the liecence plate. WARNING; The killer is still on the lose. Police had given up their search for the insane serial killer. He has killed over 25 people in three months. I met the killer once. And he says that everyone who reads this, no matter who, where and when, he will find and kill. Since you've read this, he will come searching... searching... for YOU. and you'll be his next victim.

Story is told by catgirl

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Not funny, but really tramatic


That's really creepy.