It was a rainy day. Riku and Naomi where playing snake and leaders in Naomi's room.After awhile of playing Riku went downstairs to the living room to get some water..when he was walking down he saw his mother shouting on the phone.. so he stood there waiting until the phone call ended. After the phone call ended Riku went his mother and asked "whats wrong mommy? " his mother grabbed his arm and ran to find Naomi.when there mother saw Naomi she pulled her and pushes her in the toilet with Riku. There mother told them to make no sound and locked the bathroom door.. Naomi was scared because she was only 5 so her big brother Riku that is 7 tried to calm her down .. but Naomi wouldn't spot crying so Riku told Naomi to trust him and he jumped the bathroom window with Naomi on his back hoping they would land safely instead Riku died by a lot of breaking of bones.. Naomi survived but she hit her had hard to the ground making it hard for her to remember things. Turns out she went to a orphanage because her mother was selling drugs and had to go to jail for 2 years .. any of her family members didnt agree to take care of her so thats why she is in this orphanage . Remember when i told you she cant remember things very well but theres one thing that she could never forget .. it was the day her brother died and the day her life fell apart .. To be continued ...

Story is told by vampmish

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)



Thanks its my first time writing a story :)


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Girl you finally decided to write a story? Btw great story , cant wait for the next part


This story is good. I'm really looking forward to the next part.


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U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

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