"When our parents forgot to pay the mortgage on our 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house the bank kicked us out." By we I mean my mother, my father, my sister Faith and me Daisy. You see me and my sister are Conjoined twins and we are in need of major surgery but our parents can't afford it and were homeless. Medical care costs way to much so were gonna have to perform the surgery our selves or me and my sister will die. We are going to let my mom preform the surgery. Three days later and we are laying in an alley way getting surgery done to remove our heads from each other which means only one of us would have a leg ant the other one would be legless. And only one of us have a brain. My life is about to get a whole lot harder because I'm not gonna have a leg or a brain and Faith will because I have faith in her that she will survive. I'm giving her the higher survival level and taking my chances. I wake up from the surgery about a week later but I'm trapped in a baby's body not knowing how to talk to my sister or my parents and tell them I'm here. I need a new brain and I'm probably not gonna survive this I have the hippocampus in my head and my sister has the prefrontal cortex so that's why I I am trapped in this body and feel like a baby. I can't walk because I don't have a leg so now I have to live behind a mcburger dumpster with my family eating scraps for dinner. I feel like I'm in a move because this kind of stuff usually only occurs in movies. My mom said I was going to die if I didn't have a full brain. My sister said "for all you've done for me I need to give you something in return you can have my brain." Goodbye Daisy said to me. We were put under $10 pharmacy anastisa. The surgery was performed and I woke up alive and happy until I realised I lost my sister for good. She was gone long before I woke up. I'd never be able to see my sister or hear her voice again. I then took my own life when my parents were sleeping because a life without her is no life to be living. I rolled my wheelchair of a bridge. I free fell to the ground and died on impact. I was reunited with my sister and lived in the afterlife. Heaven is beautiful I could be anywhere but I'm here with my sister.

Story is told by bdashlynn