Dear, ##username##. If you read this you will probably think that this story is not that scary but when it really happens to you the hair of your neck stands up. It is a real thing that happened to me. It was a sunny day. I had a pet dog. He was so brave. One day I was alone in my house, my mother went for shopping, my father was in his office. I was sitting in my room, suddenly I heard something. It was like something was scratching on my house's roof. I slowly went upstairs I could hear it coming closer. I went to my balcony and my dog was barking and something towards me. I turned my head and saw a cow scratching on the roof, I was relieved. Then I went down stairs and I was playing with my phone. I was bored so I thought why not play with my old toys?. In my cupboard there was always a lot of random stuff. Whenever I opened everything would fall. So I carefully opened it but everything thing still fell. While I was searching for some toys I heard a ringtone not my phone's. I was finding that and found it. The ringtone was coming from that. I answered it and it turned out to be a wrong number, I ignored it and continued finding the toys. I never found it. My mom came the phone was on the floor. My mom took and said "how did you fing it? It is your father's old Phone" I told her someone called me on that phone and it was wrong number. I mother said "w-what are you sure?" I said "yes" we were in both fear when she told me that "your dad bought it 15 years ago and it is all damaged and has no battery or cell no one can use it no matter what"

Story is told by Elisabeth



U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

I like it, thanks. It's me, the one you made it for. I'm coming up with part 2 of texting a murderer