It was a rainy day as Lizzy was walking home from school. She was walking through a park. The park was a nice place to walk. Lizzy liked to take a shortcut through the park to her house. She was walking on one of the paths that went through the park. She was thinking about Luke. Luke was her new boyfriend. They have been together for a little over a week. He was sweet and gentle. And kind. Lizzy couldn't stop thinking about him. The way he smiled at her. The way he kissed her... Suddenly Lizzy heard a voice beside her. "Hey," the voice said. Lizzy was startled out of her dreamy thoughts. She turned to see a blond hairdo girl in a dark green jacket walking beside her. "Hi. Who are you?" Asked Lizzy. "I'm Mandy. Who are you?" The girl asked.she had a quiet voice. Lizzy had to listen very carefully to hear Mandy. "I'm Lizzy," Lizzy said. "Nice name," Mandy said turning towards her. Mandy had very pale skin. She had dark green eyes and a pretty smile. Lizzy and Mandy walked in silence for a while. "So, do you have a boyfriend Lizzy?" Many asked suddenly. "Yes. Do you?" Lizzy asked. Surprised at Mandy's sudden question. "Yeah. But he broke up with me," Mandy replied. "Oh." Was all Lizzy could say. The two girls walked in silence for a while until Lizzy said she had to go home. The two girls said goodbye and went there separate ways. The next afternoon, Lizzy went back to the park to look for Mandy. She looked all over for Mandy but she wasn't there. She look around in a few places around town. But still no Mandy. That night when she got home, she looked up Mandy's phone number in the phone book. ( her parents still used the phone book.) After she found the phone number she called the number. "Hello. Who is this?" A voice on the other end of the line asked. "Hello. This is Lizzy Martin", Lizzy said. "Is Mandy there?" Silence on the line "No. I'm sorry sweetie", the voice answered. "Mandy dieed five years ago."

Story is told by catgirl