It was a cold night out. The two best friends Jae-yi and seo-hyun were on their way home after having a hearty meal together. Seo-hyun: see you tommorow Jae-yi: yeah , don't wake up late again Jae-yi smiles , they both go on their way to their buildings. They lived in the same neighbourhood , so they do this often. Jae-yi woke up the next day , did his morning routine got ready fr school and waited besides Seo-jhyun's building . He waited there for about 15 minutes and that's when seo-hyun came out . He looked a exhausted. Jae-yi: Did you stay up watching k-drama again? Seo-hyun: Got a problem with that? Jae-yi: you look like a train ran over you Seo-hyun: Ugh why do you have to be so damn annoying. Seo-hyun was mostly rude to his best friend. He wasn't the biggest fan of his best friend. Jae-yi had a perfect life his parents were billionaires. He was ranked third smartest in hana academy seoul (A high school in seoul) he was a handsome student and also one of the most popular ones in school.On the other hand Seo-hyun lived with his grandparents due to the death of both his parents, his mother died of cancer and not long after his father was found dead in their apartment due to suicide. Seo-hyun wasn't the smartest , his beauty was hidden under his nerdy glasses and he wasn't any popular until he became best friends with Jae-yi. All you could say is that Seo-hyun was jealous of Jae-yi's success. After school was over Seo-hyun and Jae-yi went back home. Jae-yi invited Seo-hyun to have dinner with him in a café like most of time . But this time Seo-hyun denied his invitation. He said that he got plans for the night. Jae-yi went home after having dinner, his parents were at work as usual. After Jae-yi washed up he started to smell smoke. He thought that a neighbour over-cooked something so he didn't bother. *BREAKING NEWS* To be continued

Story is told by bloody skullz

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Umm , sorry to keep you people waiting. I saved this story on another app and the story got deleted soo ..... I might take a while to post part 2. Coz I have to rewrite it.

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Pt 2 coming this wednesday which is 2 days away from today hehe?


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This is so good !! You should be a writer when your older UwU


Great story. I'm really curious about the next part. Can't wait to read it.