We saw movement in the grass. We thought it was just chipmunk. But, as it got closer, we saw that it was so much more! It was a tiny ? with a sky blue belly. It was so cute and colorful! ##username## bent down to pick it up, but as she did, the ? look at her and hissed at her. ##username## instantly drew her ✋ ?. I told her that as soon as we goth the frisbee back, I'd go inside and research the ?. We got the frisbee and went back inside and found that the ? was called a red ? ? ? and they were usually friendly. I was shocked to find out that the ?s were usually friendly because of the ?s actions. We went back to the spot in the ?????? that we first saw the ?. When we got there, we say hundreds of red ? looking up at us... To be Continued... Tell me in the ? if you want a Part 3.

Story is told by Jana123


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