"Im boring so I decided to make this story and posed it.Im sorry for the wrong spell here.Well im lazy to read back.So..yeah! Idk what..but hope you enjoy." "Hi my name is cassy..I am 12 years old.I lived in a big house 1 miles away from the city.I have a garden back at my house.I never going there before because the garden door was locked and the door can't even opened." "One day,I was finding a book to read.I can't find any book until I came to the stored..I found a pretty book that was full of leaves and its kind of old..I opened the book and reading it." °The magic garden° Once upon a time,there was a girl who found a pretty magic garden on her back house.She entered the magical garden and suddenly she became a princess with a tiara.She has a wings and a magical bracelet. After a few years,The key door to the magical garden was lost.After.. "Wait! Where is the other story!? No..its the best story I read ever! Wait what is this? A key..?Is this the lost key? Hmm..I think I can use this.If this fit,maybe I can entered it." *At the door* "Its fit! Wait,where am I!? Woah.. Wow..wait..I have a tiara? And a Bracelet? Wait..who's story was this?Hmm..Did I became a princess? Wait..hmm.." Cassy:Hey! Who are you!? Elly:Yeah! Who are you! Little girl? I mean..your majesty.. Cassy:Elly are you crazy? Elly:Cassy! That tiara! Cassy:Ow! Im sorry your majesty! Stella:Hmm? Elly:Wait..you don't know you are a princess? Cassy:Yeah..and where are you from? Stella:I don't know and Im from the door.I was in front of the door before. Cassy:That's okay.. Elly:Let's just followed us home. Stella:Can I!? Cassy:Sure,Princess! Stella:Thank you! And just called me Stella.That's my name. Cassy:Okay. *At their home* Stella:Wow..you have a pretty house.. Cassy:Thank you! Elly:Let's go to the sun flower. Cassy:Okay!Stella,you need to followed us..Sun flower is the best placed to play! Our lil sister always go there.maybe they was there. Elly:How old are you? Stella:12. Cassy:Perfect! Lets go! ●To be continued●

Story is told by French~♡

Indigo Flower

Can't wait to see part two!!?