Hi,##Username## I am here to warn you, If your under the age of twenty and if you did not forget this word "Purple Mirror" until your twentieth birthday to you will die. Read this at your own risk! There was once a girl. Her name was Jane. Her parents bought her a purple mirror. She would always stare at herself in the mirror and she thought she looked so beautiful but she hated the colour of her mirror. So she painted the mirror purple. And when she looked into it. She was looking ugly and fat. She smached the mirror with her feets. When it was her twentieth birthday she was out somewhere. Then she hit by a car. And she was saying these words "purple mirror purple mirror" Her parent searched for the purple mirror but never found it. It is said that if your under the age of twenty and did not forgot these words "purple mirror" you will die I am sorry ##username##?

Story is told by Elisabeth


I made this story before it's very nice