There was a witch witch a black cat. Her name was Lillie. People thought she was evil, but she wanted to use her magic for the grater good. One day Lillie was on a casual stroll, reading her book about spells and such, Walking beside her was her cat. Someone walked up to Lillie Lillie: Uh hello? Person: Oh yes hi! Person: Uhm, just a qeustion.. Lillie: Yea what is it? Person: Are you like a witch? Lillie: Yea..? *The person stared at her, then ran off* Lillie kept walking, still reading. The stranger she spoe to was reporting her to the Mayor. Just then Lillie bumped into the Mayor's helper Mayor's helper: Your Lillie, Correct? Lillie: Yea.? Why? Mayor's helper: Ah, perfect! The mayor is wanting to speak with you, come along now. Lillie followed him into the Mayor's office Mayor: Ah hello Lillie! Lillie: H-hi.. Mayor: I hear your some witch. True? Lillie: Yea I am a witch.. Mayor: Hah! I knew it. Since you ARE a witch you must be exacuted. Lille; How?! Mayor: For witches we chop their heads off. *Lille started at him* Lillie: A) Ran out as fast as she could B) Used her spells to disappear C) Used her spells to fight the Mayor. (Pick in the comments!)

Story is told by LilMissTux


I choose C :D


I choose B

Cloud The Skywing

I choose C! qwq


I choose B