Alice: Hi Stacy: Huh? Who is this? Alice: Remember, we met in class today! Stacy: Oh sorry- Alice: Its fine Alex: Heys guys Stacy: Oh hey Alex Alice: Hiii Stacy: Who are you doing your project with? Alice: Im going alone.. Alex: Same Stacy: Oh well- good luck Alice: Ill need it. Stacy: Its getting late, we have class tmr, so Im going to bed, byee Alex: Same, bye Alice Alice: Oh ok- ye, see yall tmr *Alex, Alice and Stacy went offline* *In class* Alex: Hey Stacy! Stacy: O hey, do you know where Alice is.. Shes never late.. Alex: No I didnt see her on the bus.. Stacy: Hope shes okay.. Alex: Same.. *After class* Stacy: She never showed up... Alex: Weird.. Stacy: Wanna head to her house and check on her? Alex: We should just call incase shes sick. Stacy: Right. Calling her now.. *Stacy'a pone rung a few times* *Alice didnt pick up* Stacy: Weird.. Alex: Yea.. Stacy: Cant help but be worried Alex: Yea, maybe we should ask her mom? Stacy: Great idea! *Talking to Alice's mom* Stacy: Oh hey uh, Miss Jhonson? Kate (Alice's mom): I told you to call me Kate.. Kate: And what is it? Alex: Well Alice didnt show up to class.. Or pick up on our call.. Stacy: Yea we was wondering if you knew anything Kate: I havent saw her all morning, Ive been worried out of my mind Alex: Would she run away?? Stacy: No- she would atleast tell us.. Alex: Right.. Kate: Ive already called the police and made missing reports.. Now I just have to wait. Stacy: Well me and Alex are going to go look for her. Alex: Mhmm, Good lukc Kate. *Alex and Stacy walked around, and around, until they got a message from Alice* Stacy: Alice texted! Alex: She did?! What dose it say? Stacy: ...Just her location... Alex: Why though? Stacy: Wait.. It shows shes not in town anymore Alex: Why would she leave town?! Stacy: No clue. But we are heading there Stacy: Lemme forward this to her mom *Alex and Stacy walked around, trying to get her exact location.* Alex: There! Kate: Why would she be out of town, in a old, half burnt down store?! Stacy: No clue but Im calling the police Alex: Good plan *On the call with the police* Police: 911, Whats your emergency? Stacy: My friend has gone missing and we found her location, In a hald burnt down store out of her home town. Police: Whats your location? Stacy: 45 Mullberry Street Police: On our way, dont go in. Stacy: Got it *Stacy hung up and the police cars arrived* Alex: In there! Police: Got it, dont follow along. *Inside* Alice: *muffled talking* Police: Are you okay?! Alice: *Nods yes* Police: Wheres the kidnapper..? Alice *She moved her head in his direaction* *The police headed that way* Police: HANDS UP. *The kidnapper sat in a corner, facing the corner like he was sent in time out, shaking like crazy* *The kidnapper began to laugh* *The kidnappers laugh became crazy sounding* *As the other police was dealing with the maniac, the others untied Alice and ran her out* *The kidnapper, stood, hands up, letting them arrest him* *The police arrested him, and brung him outside* *The kidnapper shook his skinny arms out of the cuffs and quickly pulled out a gun* *The police stood infront of the kids and the mother* *Another policeman called backup* Kidnapper: If you dont move now Ill have all those kids heads on spikes... *The police stood firmly, ready to shoot and taze* *The kidnapper put his gun on his shoulder, acting as if he gave up* *The police let their gaurd down..* *Just in seconds, It was like a light show, bullets flew and shot Alice in the chest* *The police quickly tazed him and put him in their car and drove off* *The medical team quickly arrived, and rused Alice to the hospital* Kate: Is she going to be okay?! Nurse: We dont know yet.. Stacy: everything is going too quickly..... *Alex nodded in agreement* *Hours passed* *A sad looking nurse walked out of Alice's room, with her head down* Nurse: Im sorry.. Kate: What happened?! Nurse: We couldnt save her in time... Kate: ..... *Kate felt sudden guilt, like it was her fault* Kate: This is all my fault.. Nurse: Ma`am its noone's fault.. Dont blame yourself.. Stacy: Yea.. Kate: Only if i was a better mom... Nurse: Ma'am its not your fault.. Alex: Yea, its not! *Years passed after Alice's death* Stacy: I sure do miss her..... Alex: Same.... Wish It didnt end there.. Kate: Thank you guys so much for the emotional help.. Stacy: Any time.. But we gotta get to class.. Alex: Yea.. Bye.. *The end*

Story is told by LilMissTux