Alice: Hi Stacy: Huh? Who is this? Alice: remember. we met in class! Stacy: Oh, oki Alice: It's okay. Alex: Hey guys! Stacy: Oh hey, Alex! Alice: Hiii! Stacy: Who is your partner for the science project? Alice: I'm going solo. :p Alex: Omg same Stacy: Good luck, then, hehe. Alice: I definitely could use it. Stacy: Its getting late. I'm going to bed! Goodbye! Alex: Same. Bye, Alice! Alice: Oh okay, bye guys! *Alex, Alice, and Stacy went offline* *In class* Alex: Hey, Stacy! Stacy: Oh, hey! Do you know where Alice is? Shes never late! Alex: Probably sick. Stacy: Oh, okay. Let's hope shes okay! Alex: Same... *At lunch* Stacy: Alex, heres my BFF Naomi. Naomi: Oh, hey! You must be Alex! Alex: Yep! Naomi: Do you know where Alice is? Shes normally never late... Stacy: Eh, I'm not exactly sure. Alex: Should we go over to her house to check in on her? Stacy: That could be dangerous... you never know what could be happening on Mango Street 2312. Naomi: She lives on Mango Street? That's normally a very peaceful place... Alex: Are you sure? I've heard of people practicing the paranormal and doing satanic rituals on that street. Stacy: Hm... we should call her mom! Naomi: Great idea, Stacy! Alex: Great, just let me call her. *Alice's phone rang multiple times, yet no answer.* Stacy: Hm. How about her mom? Alex: Okay. Calling her rn. *Her mother, Kate's phone rang multiple times. Chanting was heard in the background, as well as a young girls scream.* Alex: Oh no... Stacy: Let's go! Something must be happening to her!!! *The trio ran to Alice's house* Alex: Alice? Stacy: Alice? Naomi: Alice, its Stacy, Alex, and Naomi! *The trio looked in every room, in every nook and cranny, finally reaching the bedroom. Inside was the parents. Kate and the father, David, had a smirk on their faces. Beside them was the dead body of Alice* David (Alice's father): Your next... Kate: Hahahaha. *The last thing the trio saw was the two stabbing them. They woke up in a hospital, Alice right beside her* Doctor: Okay, looks like 3 of them woke up. Nurse: Lily, are you sure they're going to be okay??? Doctor: Karen, they're going to be okay! No worries. Nurse: Okay.., Naomi: W-what happened? Doctor: Well, after Alice's parents attacked you guys, they were evantually arrested and were sentenced to death of performing satanic rituals and performing child abuse. Alex: Well, at least they're dead... Stacy: Ugh, how long are we going to be in here? Doctor: You guys are going to be in here for another week. Sadly, Alice is in a coma, so it could take up to a year for her to get out of the hospital. Stacy: Oh no! Alex: Well, let's hope she feels better. Naomi: Agreed. The Daily Herald 4 students that go to Chester High School have been injured by 2 parents. The parents have been sentenced to death after performing satanic rituals and child abuse. Their names will remain private, for identity reasons. News: 4 juveniles attacked by parents. Identity unknown. Parents have been sentenced to death for performing satanic rituals and child abuse. Recap: 4 friends, Alice, Stacy, Naomi, and Alex were talking at school and on text. All of a sudden, Alice goes missing. The quadruple find out her parents, Kate and David, were doing a satanic ritual using Alice. The trio was attacked, and the trio woke up in the hospital. Doctor Lily and Nurse Karen explain to them what had happened and how long they would stay as numerous newspapers, radio stations, and news broadcasts told of the story. Rohan is not allowed to comment on this, for being rude and hating on my stories. LilMissTux has made the other story. Where Alice gets kidnapped and dies. :) Hope you enjoyed!

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