So I moved into this house with my parents. We moved from Ohio to West Virginia. The house is huge. It still needs a lot of work done to it. It is a large two story house with a big backyard and a view of the mountains. It has an old swing on the back porch. One night me I was in my room watching Supernatural on my TV. It was cold in the house so I wrapped my covers around me. The room was big with high a ceilling and a big window facing the mountains. The room is on the second story. I was watching Supernatural and the episode ended. Not knowing what else to do I clicked the home button on my remote and it took me out of Netflix. I turned the TV off. I was just sitting on my bed doing nothing but thinking. I was thinking about the old house we had just moved into. Then my thoughts wandered to the old swing out back. It was a nice evening so I decided to go and read a book on the old swing. I grabbed my book and headed downstairs. "Where are you going?" My mom asked as I was heading out the back door. "Outside," I told her. "Okay honey," my mom said. So I went out the back door to the old swing. After i shut the old, creaky door behind me, i headed over to the swing. I suddenly stopped and dropped my book. I could swear i saw the swing move. Back and forth. Back and forth. As if someone was sitting in it and swinging. I thought there might be a ghost and i didn't want to disturb it. So i went back inside. You see, I'm not at all afraid of ghosts. I don't scare when i saw the swing move, i just thought the house was haunted. I am calm and am able to think things through calmly. When I went upstairs my annoying little sister asked me to play with her. Typical five year old sis. I said, "No". And pushed her out of my room. She came back later and asked if I could play with her. I couldn't deny my sweet little sis a second time to I said yes. After I played with her for a while I realized it was late and went to bed. The next morning I went downstairs to the old swing to see if it would move. I rounded to the back porch and I saw an elderly couple sitting in the swing. The man looked at me and he opened his mouth to say something. But before he could say what he wanted to tell me the man and woman disappeared. I blinked. I widened my eyes, narrowed then, willed the two spirits to come back. Nothing worked. I went back inside. Up in my room I did some research on my laptop. I found out that the old couple where a man and his wife called Laura and Ben. The loved to sit outside and swing on the old swing on the back porch. Benjamin and Laura died six days apart from one another. People say that the swing is haunted by the old married couple. We still live there and I sometimes sit on the swing and read. Ben and Laura are peaceful spirits. We leave them alone and they let us alone. Do you have anything haunted? If so, like the story and I 'll make more. Leave a commet as well. Sorry about the bad ending

Story is told by catgirl


The ending was good.