Um..... I don't know how to start because this shook my world. Some of you know about the abandoned house that we went to and my friend was stabbed. Well 4 years latest my other friend got murdered. Let me tell you the story! It was a normal satarday and I was laying in bed. My parents went on a trip to London to visit my grandparents and they wanted me to stay to watch over the house and my dog! My friend was home alone and lives a few blocks away from me and the woods. I texted him for about an hour when he said he saw some dudes with a huge black van pull up and the all had guns. He texted me and said they were across the block from him. He said that there were about 3 to 4 guys. He called the cops because he said it looked like they were breaking into peoples houses. He got up and went downstairs and locked his front door, his backdoor, and his bedroom door. A few minutes later he texted me and said he needs help! I asked him what's wrong and he said that the guys that he saw just broke down his back door. I told him to hide in the bathroom and find something yo defend yourself with! He did and they were at the bathroom door. He said that they were banging on the door. At this moment he said that the cops showed up. Sadly, the 4 men broke down the door before the police could save my friend, he got shot in the head, in the chest, and got cut in the throat. I was devastated time hear that my friend died because of murder. It hurts me a lot. I just want to let u guys know that if anything like that happens, dont give up on yourself and always remember that we will all be praying for you no matter what! Thank you for supporting me in all my hurt! ❤

Story is told by Scary101


Cloud The Skywing, thank you for your support

Cloud The Skywing

That's so sad! I feel bad for you! :(


Please like and comment if your praying for me and my friends family! Thank you for all your support


This is all true and I would NEVER make up a friends murder! Thank you for all supporting me! ❤