I was very bad at math. My teacher yelled at me because I bought bad marks at math. I was good at every subject except math. I even asked my mother who made math. So one dayy teacher said "come in the room 666 after school I want teach you math" even though I hated math but I still had to go there. After school I went there alone. I saw a women in the room 666 she was wearing a white long dress. She told me "come in I was waiting for you" I went in there and she teaches me math. She was teaching me so nicely and if I got anything wrong she would clear the concept without even yelling at me. I finally got good marks in math. And then my friend asked me "oh wow you did so good in math today How did you do it?!" I told her everything and she said"can you tell her to teach me also?"" Yes" I said. She came with me and when we were there the door of room 666 was locked. We asked the receptionist about it. He said "what that room? That room is locked for about 6 years". I was shocked I asked that I came here just yesterday but he didn't listen. Then my friend told me that if I was joking to her. An old man heard our talking and said " in that room 666 there you will find a teacher but that teacher teaches only that people who are weak at any subject or else no one can see her"

Story is told by Elisabeth


I think you could of done better and made up a way better story! No offence but I know it was made up