"Hey guys..this is my first time writing a story about places and idk maybe whatever.Everything bruh.Idk what to put here.So..here" "One day,there once two girl lived in a big house with their mother and father.They both are siblings.The first girl was called Melly and the other one was Molly.Its was Melly birthday and their parents told them to wait for them because they wanted to go to work.Melly go to the supermarket to buy food ingredient. She found her parents at the supermarket.She called her parents,Then she got a called from the hospital saying that her mother and father was death.So she think for a while,that thing she saw was her parents soul.She got a notes from her bed.Saying "Melly,Happy birthday.I want to tell you something.Your lil sister was already die 2 years ago.Why can't you accept it?Im sorry Melly.Im lie to you.We're going to the supermarket to buy you a present.Im already death now.Only my soul was coming here.Melly,please stay health and alive.The house we were live for over 10 years is haunted.You will hear your Lil sister crying for help there.Don't ever help her because its was the ghost.The ghost was trying to trap you to die.We were already death.Please go out from the house before 12.Your lil sister was death because of her too.Your present is on your table.Your cake is inside the freezer.Go out from the house instantly after you get all your things.We love you Melly." "Mom.. I love ya'll too..*Crying* I will follow your instruction mom.."Say Melly. After she got all her things out,she go to her friends house to stayed there while she trying to find a house for herself.She told everything to her friends about that and her friends trying to help her calm down.Even after that,Melly was never going to the haunted house anymore." Hey guys..this story was sad..my moms tell me that if you just thinking about your birthday everyday,your family or someone in your family will die.Well..its only a myth but I believe it.Someone Idk has already get it.Their parents die after that in their birthday.This is so scary.Im sorry because this story was bad and not sad.Im lazy.But please don't hate me.Just to let ya'll know..Always loved your parents.Don't let their tears fall down.That's all I want to say.Love you guys~♡

Story is told by French~♡


That's scary.


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Gr8 story☺️