I have nine lives. I wasted seven lives. I did dumb stuff. I even tried to escape my owner but died in an unfortanate fall. I am here to tell you about my lives. Life 9 I lived on a farm outside of a town. I had human owners at that time. They where nice to me. They fed me and gave me a warm place to sleep. I got to sleep in the garage. My name was Ginger. My owners where a man, he was Dad I guess. But I heard my other owner. Mom or Laura.the little girl call Dad Johnny. Anyway, I was on a nice walk when I happened to wander into the road. The road was hot on my paws. I lay on the road when the girl named Laura comes home from school. She lets me and I purr lightly. Then I fall asleep. I woke up to a loud rumbling noise. A human driving a car. It was speeding towards me. But before I could run. The car runs over me. I feel pain in my body. Then I die. The father finds me and picks my body up. Laura comes and starts to cry. Poor Laura. I hate when she's sad. Then after I watched them bary my body, I feel sleepy and dizzy. I close my eyes as Laura whispers, "Ginger. My sweet kitty, Ginger...come back". Life 8 I was living in an apartment building with my new owner. She was nice. She was called Britany. Britany called me Bella. I was a kitten again. I look down and see I have gray fur with white paws. Cool. The apartment is small. I was home alone at the time. Britany was at work. I was sitting at the window. Staring out. Britany comes home with a scary human. He is loud, smelly, and he drinks out of wierd bottles and cans. He is also HUGE. He grabs for me. I get scared. He once hit Britany. He could KILL me. I Loved britany. But not her human lover. I HATED him. When he graves for me he misses. I hide from him behind some curtains. The window is open. Maybe he had good intentions. Maybe he wanted to hold me. Eventually I come and sit on his lap. He lets me and I purr. He's nice after all. That evening I go to my hiding place. The window is open. I balance on the windowsill. Then I start falling. Wind rushes by my ears and my fur stands up. I think of Britany and that nice man. Those where the last faces. The last thoughts I ever had before I hit the ground. Life 7 I was in an unknown place. An animal shelter I think. There where dozens of other cats in cages. Humans feed us and humans come and go. Sometimes taking a cat or two. They never took me. I was stuck there in that stupid cage. Years pass and I grow old. I then get sick. The cat doctor comes to see me. He says something in human language. I feel sicker as the days go past. I feel hot, then cold. I lose fur. I fell asleep after having trouble breathing. I never awoke ever again. LIFE 6 I can't remember, I died as a kitten. LIFE 5 I HATED IT. I lived with abusive owners who tried to kill me. I then killed myself by jumping off a 4 story building. I ignored my instinct to land on my feet. Instead I lay there wounded. I eventually died my owners didn't even care. LIFE 4 I was an ally cat. There was a fight over me between two boy cats. I thought they where both idiots anyway. I was a stray until I eventually died of natual causes. LIFE 3 I was an outdoor cat. I had nice owners. Two kids. There was a naighbor dog too. He was named Max. He hated me. He chased cats for fun. Once he ate a cat. It was my friend Fluffy. One day I was sleeping in a pach of grass. I woke up to a loud bark. I looked up. Max Oh no oh no oh no. I ran. And he chased me. I mowed and hid behind a Bush. Max started sniffing. He found me. We ran around Max's yard. I ran up a tree. I stayed up there for a while. Max started up at me until he grew impatient and walked away. After I thought it was safe I ran back down the tree. Max jumped out of nowhere and grabbed me. He then locked his eyes on mine. I saw the hunger in his eyes. He tightened his grip on my throat. Then he ripped my throat out. I am now living a happy new life. A fresh start. I have nice owners. Moral of the story; don't waste your life or lives. Avoid cat eating dogs, animal shelters, bad humans, killing yourselves because it's an issue with cats and humans, and last, do NOT fall out of windows and be careful while crossing the streets. It can be dangerous. ADVISE; mKe every life last. Humans don't get a second chance usually.

Story is told by catgirl




I'm gonna have nightmares