Another girl in my class is trying to kill me. Her name is Susan. Just this morning I spat out a suspicious tasting soda she had poisoned, avoided her car as she tried to run me over and narrowly dodged a heavy paint can she pushed from a top floor classroom window. I can’t tell anyone what she is doing though. You see, I'm trying to kill her too. I have a plan I think will work. I’m going to use her biggest weakness against her. I say her biggest weakness but he’s really mine too. Callum Kelly, the hottest guy at Lawrence High. Tall, athletic and with a smile that makes all the girls swoon. When we started ‘I'd Kill For Callum Kelly' club it had been a bit of a joke. A group of us would get together, gossip about which girl he was sitting beside in Chemistry, share pictures of him we had screenshotted from Snapchat or torn from the school newspaper when he’d been photographed for his latest sporting triumph. Then the fighting started. We all wanted Callum but only one of us could have him. Since then things have escalated. What do I mean by ‘escalated'? There used to be twelve girls in the club. Now it’s just me and Susan. Lisa died after an unfortunate ‘accident’ with a Bunsen burner. Mandy never came home from that slumber party at Anya's. Cindy's brains were blown out in a tragic ‘mishap’ with her dad’s rifle. It might seem sad that so many were killed but we had all agreed the rules – last girl standing wins. ‘All’s fair in love and war’ as the saying goes and ‘I’d Kill For Callum Kelly' club was a bit of both. I put my plan into action and mentioned to Susan that Callum had a big game at the weekend and would be training at the gym after school that day. For old times sake, I said, why don’t we put our competition aside for a few hours and peep on Callum building those biceps through the gym window together like we used to. She couldn’t resist and as we peered through the window I slipped the blade I had hidden up my sleeve into my hand, ready to finish this thing. Unfortunately for me Susan had had the same idea and a knife fight worthy of a gritty gangster film broke out between us. After a couple of minutes we noticed Callum was standing at the gym door watching us. He looked terrified but very cute. “Callum we’re fighting for you” Susan screamed as she thrust at my throat. “Which of us do you want?” I yelled as I dodged backwards. “A-a-actually, I’m kind of dating April Black” Callum stammered. Susan and I stopped suddenly and looked at each other, the same thought in both our minds. ‘I Killed Callum Kelly' club has a much better ring to it anyway

Story is told by penguinparallelogram



Queen Quacker

Love this.


I like the story. I wish I had girls who killed for me..


Urg! I've heard way scarier stories! ?! Sorry

Miss Death

A good story. Knife fighting sounds like a blast.

Cloud The Skywing

Finally an actual story with decent grammar! 10/10