I felt sick I felt like my mind was going to exploded i and was trapped in my mind as the person or the creature was controlling my body.i can feel what is happening out side of my body.and for can hear the demos scratch out side begging for me to open the door.and it gets lowder and stronger.i can't take it anymore.i stand up and open my eyes and my vision is going wacky.i can see everything getting bigger than smaller and the floor is struggling to stay still it looks like it is straching out and coming back at full speed.i can hear crying and laughing. I can feel the air getting thiner and it is harder to get air.i can see red and yellow eyes glowing.tring to scream for help but my vision is getting blurry and black I feel like I am falling ?. part 2 will come out tomorrow

Story is told by ali


Why u laughing that actually happened to me