"Hey guys..I- I don't know what to say..im very upset but please..please hear my story..can I tell you now? Im sorry if im wrong.." "So,I was seeing my previous story called "Someone Facebook Videos" I was very upset because,I have 1 like before but after that,I see nothing..only a 0 Vote..I know my story isn't great as you or anyone..but please..im sorry..Please read my story down below." "I was only a girl born in a poor family..My dad is always realised his mad at me..He even yelled at me.My mother only like to watch her drama all day long.They use to misunderstood me.I tought I would be happy when I grown bigger but im wrong..my sister get all loved and she never get punish.But I..I always get.My sister likes to force me do something I don't liked and I refused.Im so stressed of life.They only liked to realist they're angry to me.I feel like im a stranger on this house.So I was so happy to get a phone.But this phone was given by my sister.Its was her phone..meanwhile my Sister,little bro and sis,also my mom got a new phone.I just got this old unoriginal phone.I think im a shame for this family.My friends are fake..I use to called my loyal friend as bff but I just know that they only described me as friend..and not bff.And guys..please..why did you unvote me? Is my sin that bigger that makes ya'll hate me? Tell me..please..Im sorry if my english is bad..Im not speaking english and..I won't tell my privacy.Sorry..Its okay if you hate me.I still described you as my friend.." Love you friend~♡ ##Username##

Story is told by French~♡


Even if i don't know who you are you are still my friend


Just because he/she called you friend instead of BFF does not mean he/she doesn't want to be your friend. I don't know why you think this way but it's not true. As long as he/she is by your side, they care. You should keep him/her close.


Inti thats true


Awww guys,thanks♡


Hey friend, don't feel bad about yourself. Even if your English is bad it doesn't matter. Everyone makes mistakes but eventually they get better. You seem like a very nice person and a good friend to have. Life maybe hard right now but it'll get better. Just hang in there. I'm here for you.

Indigo Flower

I understand, my family stinks too. Life will get better, sooner than you think! Stay Determined!!? You will always be loved and appreciated by people in life and as long as you love yourself, you will always be happy.?


Dont give up of yourself! You sound like a really good person and anyone would be lucky to be your friend! I'm here for all y'all!❤


Don't think about it to much stay positive and something great will happen to you


Please don't feel bad about yourself?


Awww..thanks guys..Love you~♡

Miss Death

Don't feel bad about yourself. Even If i don't know you. You are a great person. Enjoy life as much as you can. Just give it a try


And the story I made the cruise on the village 2 was horrible so it's ok I have faith in you


It's ok ? all of the storys we make are different so it's ok ? don't worry I have bad story's to so don't worry


Why? Please tell me.Sorry for the wrong spells there.Im too lazy and sad to read it back.