I am a normal teenage girl who just got to high school. I am not into creepy stuff but my friends are always superserios about creepy stuff. They always go to graveyards late at night, roam around in the woods, carry scary rituals, stay whole nights in haunted buildings etc. One day we decided to go camping in the woods near a graveyard. I was scared but acted confident. When we reached there one of my friends told about the surprise game which they thought before coming. I was more scared. Soon midnight came and it was the turn to play the game. The rules were simple. One by one we will go in the nearest graveyard and stay there for 5mins and return after keeping a piece of paper on a specific grave. Two of my friends returned and now it's my turn. I took the candle in my hand and started walking to the graveyard. After reaching there the sight of graves sent chills down my spine. I set a timer for 5 mins and started looking for the grave where my other friends have kept their paper. I found it but as I approached the grave I smelled a strange dirty smell of a corpse. I was horrified. But still after keeping my paper down the grave, I looked behind the grave from where the smell was coming. What I saw there still haunts me in my dreams. I saw my two friends who returned after the challenge were lying dead there. Suddenly someone touched my shoulder and said "I CAN SEE YOU". I was soooooo shocked I froze. Then I slowly gathered some courage and ran throwing the arm away. I ran all the way to the camp. There was nobody. Not even my other friends. I drove my car as fast as possible and reached home the next morning. When I asked about my friends they said that they never returned. I was again shocked. From that day every midnight I feel that someone touches my shoulder and says "I CAN SEE YOU".

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Is this your first story?


Great story.

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This is awesome!!? But I hope your okay.?