One day a girl was excited to go to a party with her friends. Her name was maggi. It was night. She wore a pink dress, this dress was her favourite and she thought it's the best dress to wear to the party. Then her friends came in a car and she went with them. When she and her friends got there. Every one was chilling, talking to each other. But maggi was sad because no one was talking to her or anything. So she went back home alone through a route without any vehicle or any light so it was dark and she was afraid of the dark. When she was heading home, tried, lonely, scared. She almost hit by a car. But was safe. She saw a thick fallen tree near a bridge. She was tired and sat on the tree. Another car came and stopped in front of maggi. And the person inside the car said "hey girl are you lost may I drop u home?". Maggi said "yes please" the person talked to her, cheered her up. He was nice. Maggi said "it's my house and thanks for dropping me here". The man said "my pleasure". Then in the half way from Maggie's home he realised that maggi forgot her muffler. And thought he will give it to her tomorrow. Tomorrow when he came to her house, knocked on the door. An old woman answered. He gave her the muffler and said "maggi forgot it in my car last night". The old woman stared at the muffler with fear and tears in her eyes and said "yes it is my daughter's muffler but my daughter died at a night she was hit by a car BUT THAT WAS OVER 50 YEARS AGO. The man said "b-but she was alive last night" and fainted........

Story is told by Elisabeth


It was unexpected and scary.