"Hey guys..im gonna upload my story.I mean..other story.My friend has upload this story before.She make the story kind of different.This is different too.." Shi qi:Hayyah! Can I break the walls now? Lol. Ahshan:Shi qi,can I be friend with your friend..? Shi qi:Training.Hiah! Ahshan:1 month? Shi qi:She's my bestie. Ahshan:5 month. Shi qi:deal! *Day 1* Shi qi:So..what did every girl like..? Ahshan:Kiss.*Closer* Shi qi:Wrong.*Push Ahshan* *5 month later* Shi qi:I've tought you everything. What did every girl like? Ahshan:Kiss? Shi qi:Wrong.-_- time to meet her now.Im tired teaching you. Ahshan:Fine.. Shi qi:Remember,my friend like flower. Ahshan:Okey. Shi qi:Follow me! *At the outfit store* Ahshan:This? Shi qi:Rocky. Ahshan:This? Shi qi:Are you trying to kill someone? -_- another!! Ahshan:*Shocked*fine. Shi qi:Too boring. Ahshan:This..? Shi qi:Is just right! *At the park* "They look so sweet together.. Ahshan,if you hurt my bestfriend I kill you! You're gonna die.Lol.Hm. So sweet!Im not wrong!♡I'll do everything for my bestie.." Girl:Ahshan!Who is that!? The one that stalk you!? Ahshan:No!She's- Girl:Let me teach her!*Almost slap Shi qi bestie* Shi qi:Hayyo! Look what we have here..who are you!? Girl:No need to know me but who is she!? Shi qi:She's my bestfriend.What do you want? Girl:I want Ahshan! Shi qi:But Ahshan is going out with my friend. Girl:Okey fine! Ask him.He likes me or this girl.. Shi qi:Okey..Ahshan..tell us. Ahshan:I.. Shi qi:I what..? Ahshan:I like you. Shi qi:*shocked* Girl:What!? Ahshan! I tought you will choose me! But you choose her! What does she have that makes you love her!? Bestie:*laugh*pfftt.. Shi qi:I..need to go.*run* Ahshan:Shi qi! Shi qi! Im sorry. Shi qi! Bestie:He like her..no need to chase them.Huh.. Girl:You're!- Bestie:Good bye.. *At the back of the park* Shi qi:*Stoped running*What do you want..? Ahshan:I want you.I liked you Shi qi. Shi qi:*Shocked*I tought you like my bestfriend. Ahshan:Shi qi..*lets out a ring*Will you be mine forever..? Shi qi:I..*looks at bestie* Bestie:Just accepted it! Shi qi:I..accept it. Girl:No! Bestie:ah! Yeay! Girl:Tch.Such wasting time.wait for me to came back.You'll pay for this. Okey guys..this is not original.Watch this on facebook.I forgot her account.Who?the one that making this story.If you know her,tell everyone to follow and like her account! Gotta watch it.Bye!

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It's sad if people hate you. But don't let it get you down. Just keep working harder. It might take some time but you'll be better than ever. I believe in you!


Im sorry that you get a lot of hate, just remember one thing! Never give up on yourself and always be positive! Also smile big and beautiful. Who cares what the world thinks about you. You are you and no one can change that! Your perfect in your own way! ??


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