The year was 1998,it was only a week in summer but i decided to go camping,i rented a small cabin near the lake and brought my furry companion chinx,we arrived at the cabin and I could sense something was off but I just brushed it off and parked my car and got out to breath the fresh air,well i was unloading some supplies chinx decided to go explore the woods. I wasn't really worried anything bad would happen to him beacause i was renting the bear free part of the woods.I was almost done unpacking until i heard chinx start crying I ran and followed his cries until I found him.when I found him he was just staring at nothing when i approached him he turned his head slowly looking at me I dont know why but I felt chills run down my spine not the because he turned his head slowly to me but because half of his face was covered in blood i looked at what he was eating it looked like a squirrel had been pulled inside out. I took minx back to the cabin and starting bathing him,I don't know what happened to him but he was just staring at me he wasn't wagging his tail in excitement nor happiness I went outside with him and tried to play fetch with him but he just stood next to me and stared at me like I'm the one who should get the ball,so I took him back inside and tried feeding him but he still just stared at me it was getting pretty late it was about 22:54 I decided to go to bed and lock my door I woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning cause I heard a load bang sound I went to check it out and realized that chinx was missing I ran out the cabin and started to call chinx but that didn't work so I started to whistle and that didn't work either so I ran back into the cabin grabbed my flashlight and I started looking for him I finally found him after probably 27 minutes of looking for him I found him at the same place I found him yesterday I took him back to the cabin,but this time he was different his eyes weren't green like they were before instead it was like a darkish purple and his teeth were way sharper but I brushed it off because I was really tired and thought I was seeing things so I went back to bed and woke up at 5 to someone whistling when I opened my room door I see my dog in 2 pieces one piece inside and the other outside my dog was whistling the same way I was. I locked my door as I was scared as shit wondering what did that thing do to my dog.I waited for about 5 hours later,I unlock my door and grabbed my car keys and drove away I left everything I had at that cabin,I drove as fast as I could but heard glass shattering behind me when I looked back I saw my decapitated dogs head in the backseat,I started to cry knowing my dog was dead,I drove for about 3 hrs until I reached home I felt safer here then what I did there I spent the whole day going through my camera that had pictures of me and my dog it got late and I went to bed but I could still hear it whistling. If you ever go camping with your dog Never let him out of sight Cause what comes back Isn't your dog

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Yeah. This actually happened to my dog Tasha, she had the same effects as this


Cool, if you have time can you check out my stories, if you have time?


This was a crazy story! My dog is scared of car rides and we live in the woods. He's trained to go to the bathroom in the woods, so there's no mess in our yard

Indigo Flower

This is awesome!!?


I went camping with my dog and it was funny because there was two beds right by each other there was like a little space a little walkway she went to go jump and she completely fell in the middle of the beds epic fail but good story ??