It was night and raining. My brother was passing by a route by a car. The route was pretty quiet not a single person was was there. He had no signal in his phone so he could not call us. And unfortunately his car's diesel was empty. But there was no gas station at all. He saw a house it was red in colour. He thought that it would be great to spend the night there. He went inside and saw a Little girl playing with a doll near the door. He peeped and freezed to see the doll coloured in red the were red the hair was red. I know it is not that scary and my brother doesn't scare so easily but as the house was all red too and the little girl's hair and cloths were also red. Every single thing was red. Then the little girl saw him. She greeted him. She seemed to be nice and called her parents. Her parents were also red. But it was okay for him. Then he told them why he came there. They said he could spend the night with them. They introduced themselves with each other. Little girl name: Jophsi, Mother name: Kierra, father name: Jack. Since you all know there names I will call them by there names. Jophsi said "wanna play with my pets?"ofcourse my brother said yes. Jophsi said "follow me" he followed her to a dark room. And my brother was shocked to see bats as there pets. She said "aren't they so cute?"" Y- yes they a-re" said my brother. It was diner time. When all of them sat on the chairs. My brother saw something red in the glass he knew it was not water. He then asked them" what is this". Jack answered " it is blood" my brother couldn't say anything. He was planning to get out of that house as fast as possible but tomorrow. When the day came he got out of there without telling anyone. When he reached home and told us the whole story. We called the cops. After investigation. The cops said that was a hunted family, loved the colour of blood which was red and liked everything which was red. They also said whoever has gone into the house has never make it out. And that my brother was lucky that he makes it out. They said this house is only seen a night at morning it disappears. That is why the cops investigated at night.

Story is told by Elisabeth