5/25/20 4:45 pm Thank you for installing GoodRunning! 5:25 pm: You have ran a mile and a half, keep up the good work! But you can't have cuts while running and purposely falling on your face, its not safe. 5/26/20 You have ran a mile, keep up the good work! But once again I have to tell you not to jump off medium platforms, you could hurts your legs, or worse! 5/28/20 You have ran two miles, that good progress! May I suggest that you not point a gun at your head while running. To continue access you need to give this app permission to files, photos, and calls. Thank you for accepting! 6/1/20 Warning! Detected bullet in brain, may be fatal.

Story is told by DukeTheKid


People should not be negative if you don't like something keep it to yourself but keep up the good work?