"Come on, baby. Let me stay a little longer." "You should leave, Ryan," I say, looking at the bedroom door, "my husband will be back soon." "What's the worst that could happen? Besides, we both know you want me to stay." "Oh, Ry." I sigh and look at him. Maybe he should stay. Just as I shift my weight toward him, I hear the front door close. "Shit. Oh shit. I knew you should have left." Ryan looks desperate. "Honey, I'm home!" I look under the bed, to see if he can possibly hide there. It's too small. "Honey? Is everything alright" "Yeah, Will! Everything's fine!" I shout back. "I'm going upstairs!" ****. Maybe the closet? I open it. Not possible. "Honey what...?" William doesn't finish the phrase. He looks at Ryan, who's about half his size. He looks disappointed for a few seconds. He makes a poker face and walks toward the closet. He reaches for the top and grabs something. "Jesus Christ," Ryan says as Will pulls out the pistol from the top of the closet. Will loads the gun. He whistles a happy tune as he does it. I cover my face with my hands to not see what he'll do to Ryan, but I can still see from the spaces between my fingers. Suddenly, William takes out his phone from his pocket and dials a number. Three digits. He calls and puts the gun's barrel to Ryan's forehead. He puts a finger to his mouth and makes a shushing sound. Tears stream from my face. I lower my hands and put them together to pray. "Hello? Police? There's someone in my house. I can hear him threatening my wife. I think he has a gun!" He says with a shaky voice. His face remains as indifferent as ever. "Please get here quickly, I think he'll hurt her. Can you see my location using my phone? Ok, good. Please send someone." I silently pray he doesn't shoot Ryan. He hangs up the phone, looks at it, and smashes it against the wall. It shatters. He looks angry now. The pressure of the barrel is making Ryan's forehead turn red. Ryan has his eyes closed. William takes a few steps back and puts the gun to his head.

Story is told by fcshittyacc

I see you ???

This story is nice and interesting




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Must be hard for William to take it all in. I mean, his love cheated on him.


But it didnt say he killed himself...it just said he put the gun to his head


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