My Sister Juliette And I Used To Be Close While Growing Up In Australia But By The Time Juliette Turned 6, Things Changed. For Example, She Began To Experience Seizures And Became Very Depressed. This Made Me And My Mom Worried. Then One Day On Christmas, Juliette Got A Doll For Christmas Whom She Named Kim-Marie. But Things Began To Get Weird. I Could Hear Juliette Whispering To Kim-Marie. Almost As If She Was Talking To A Person. She Also Started To Get Violent. She Tried To Harm Me And My Mom With A Knife Many Times. Then One Day, I Was Watching Some Tv When I Heard A Blood Curdling Scream. I Got Up Immediately And Grabbed A Bat, And Walked Into My Room Where. I Saw My Mom On The Floor In A Pool Of Blood. I Then Looked At Juliette Holding At Knife And Kim-Marie. Juliette Looks Back At Me With A Psychotic Grin And Begins Walking Toward Me. I Pushed Juliette So Hard Kim-Marie Flew Out Of Her Hands Breaking Her. Juliette's Eyes Turned Red And She Ran Toward Me. Luckily I Grabbed Juliette And Pushed Her Out The Window. Unfortunately, I Killed Juliette And I Was Put Into An Institution. The Only Thing I Could Think About Was How That Stupid Doll Possessed My Little Sister

Story is told by JasOf1920