It's only 6:27 and It's already dark, im waiting for my dad to come back from his work. I heard something break in the hallway so I went to check it out, but my guts told me not to. I sat back down on my spot and watched the news, the reporter said there was a criminal on the lose, 6 feet tall and wandering around the neighborhood. The neighbourhood I was in. I didn't think of it that much but then I heard another thing break in the hallway, but my guts still told me not to go check. Some time later I was playing on my tablet until I heard a loud thud coming from the HALLWAY.. When I had enough of myself stopping me from checking I grabbed a metal rod I kept in case this happens, I walked closely to where I heard the noises, and by calmness of feeling.... It was my dad, he was 6 foot tall always drunk wandering around the neighborhood looking for our house, ___________________________________________________________ He was on the floor. Dead . I said to myself.... "lucky me..You were the last person I could trust now im all alone..." Thank you for reading this!!! (made by and 11 year old girl)

Story is told by Itz kazashi