You sit down at your computer after a long day of work. You open it up, and you have 1 email from an unknown person. You open up the email, and there's a link in it. You click the link, and it takes you to a strange site. There are words slowly being written on the screen. "Are you alone?" It asks. "Yes" you click. "Are you sure?" You click on yes, knowing that there is no one near. "Have you cleaned off your desk lately?" You aren't sure how this site knows that you are at your desk. You havent cleaned it off in a while. "No" you answer. "Look in the folder on your desk." You check the contents of the folder. It certainly wasnt there before. Inside was a copy of the script of Hamlet. You throw it away, and the words on the screen dissappear. "If the lights were to go out right now, would you be scared?" You click on yes once again. Suddenly, the power goes off in your house. You are too scared to go down to the basement just yet. Another question appears on the screen of your computer. "If you went missing, would anyone come looking?" You click on no. "If you were to scream, would anyone hear?" You click on no. You hear your door creak open. Suddenly, the lights turn back on by themselves. Your door is wide open, but you saw no one enter. It slams closed by an unseen force. Your heart is now racing. You look at the screen. "Are you alone?" You click on yes, hoping that this is all a dream. "Are you sure?" There is now a third option other than yes or no. The third option is, "I hope I am". You click on the third option. "Good answer." someone says. You slowly turn around to your side after hearing the person speak. A murderer is right behind you, wearing a smiley face mask and holding a butcher's knife. You scream, but its already too late. On the now blood covered screen of you computer, it says... "Take the survey again?"

Story is told by Skullkid07

Indigo Flower

This is awesome!!

Scary terry

Ive seen this before

B strange

I'm super scared it's night my cousin was supposed to be sleeping but she was behind me reading she then asked "Are you alone?" She's a big prankster