(This is a really long one, so if you dont like long stories, don't read this.) Cartoon Cat is a giant, monstrous cat, basically. You would understand this story more if you looked up pictures if it, but I'll tell you what i can. Back in August of 2018, a man by the name of Trevor Henderson, who came up with the infamous Siren Head and Long Horse, posted a picture online. It was a giant cat, standing about eight feet tall, with bulging cartoonish eyes, white gloves, and a bloodied smile. There were about four pictures. One, in an abandoned building with the creature with the caption "They're just like your favourite cartoon." Five days later, another image was uploaded. We could see the head of the cat streatched out like a snake, with its eye sockets empty, almost like a mask. On August twenty-second, the last image was uploaded. It showed nothing new, other than the Cartoon Cat with a slight slant outside the same abandoned building. On September twenty-sixth, another image was posted. However, it didnt look so inviting. In this one, the cat was perched in a dark room, staring directly at the camera, with a rotting yellow smile. This is a major difference to how it was in the other pictures. On October tenth, the final image was posted. It was titled "Cartoon Cat Fact Sheet". The information sheet had a picture of the giant cat clinching its hands forward with bloody, snarled teeth, and sinister features. The fact sheet has "redacted" pasted over where the facts should be. There are a few theories about what it may say. The first seems to say "often found in the (blank) abandoned (blank)." This connects to the creature being spotted around many abandoned spots. The second looks to say something along the lines of somewhere from 1939, maybe a nod to Felix the Cat, or Looney Toons. The third seems to spell out "incredibly cruel" However, the most unnerving part of this post is the following: "Cartoon Cat is the most (blank) of all the (blank)" Going by what we know, it's safe to say that this may be something like, "Cartoon Cat is the most monstrous of all the cartoon characters". Or in a worse scenario, it could possibly be more horrific than Siren Head or Long Horse. This was the last time Treavor posted about Cartoon Cat for a while. Then on June sixth, 2019, roughly eight months after th last post, Henderson poated the last image. This time, depicting the same cat at nightfall, strolling towards the observer with arms wide open. The most interesting part of this post is the caption. It simply states, "reruns". Like a cartoon series on t.v, a character usually starts out evil, and then turns good. With Cartoon Cat, however, it starts out friendly looking at the start, and turns more sinister as time goes on. Now, here we are. Right back at the beginning, with Cartoon Cat looking quite friendly. It is rerunning its first moments. Source: Creepypasta Wiki (Told you it was long) Look up "Trevor Henderson Cartoon Cat" to see the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Story is told by Skullkid07


Cartoon cat aka the child of bendy and Felix

The denied demon

Cartoon cat is made by Trevor henderson

B strange

I actually saw the one of when his face was stretched and his eyes were empty before but I only saw the one


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This is so cool and scary when you search it up btw thanks for posting this


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I just looked up the cartoon cat that's actually pretty creepy theme for telling it's what to look up ???