It was a snowy night and a couple just got married. Jessica and Don just got married. They look so happy at there wedding. They were laughing and joking around with there friends. They needed to get to there cabin that need to get before got to snowy. Don and Jessica got in the car and hit I 5 freeway to get to the cabin. They were listen maroon 5 during the trip up to the cabin. Don was complaining it was taking to long to get up there, because of the snow falling. They passed the restaurant that let them now they have to make it to get to the cabin. The snow is building up. They made it to the cabin and was relieved that they got there safe. They went in to get started on the fire to warm up. They get settled and started to cuddle near the fire. They did not have enough energy to have sex. Don fell sleep on Jessica. Jessica went to the car and got her bag and grab her axe. Don woke up and was looking for Jessica and couldn't find her. He finally looked outside the window and saw Jessica out there and coming with a axe. Jessica came in with the axe and said you need go to sleep honey. Don was ok to go to sleep. Don was in front of Jessica, and he ask her why the ask? When he was asking her about the axe, turn his head and saw axe up. He turned around and he moved to dodge the axe. Why are you trying to kill me, Don asked? Why, she replied. I want your money that's why. Don ran in the cabin and Jessica was chasing him in the cabin. When they were running around the cabin, Don fell near the fireplace and Jessica ran toward him. He saw her coming at him and tripped her and she fell in the fire place. Don got up and ran to the car. At that time Jessica was on fire in the cabin. He started car and started slow on the road. He wanted to get far before she catch up to him. He sees the highway and snow plowed the road. Jessica hits the back window, and Don see her naked and little burnt on her breast. He notice the axe was still in her hands. He finally got on the highway and looked back at rear view mirror and notice she was still on fire on her breast. Don finally made home and called the cops. The sad part was she died of her burns of all of her body and found her dead frozen body. Later on they found out she was a gold digger and did not like to wait. She like to kill her husbands for money. Medical examiner got the body and saw her smiling of her dead body. Dont marry for looks. Be safe out there.

Story is told by Creeperoregon